The development of information and communication technologies in the field of transport significantly changes the entire transport system. »Intelligent Transport Systems« (ITS) offer many benefits for the society and the economy, and have the potential of lowering the negative impact of the transport on the environment. In order to promote ITS in Europe, Directive 2010/40/EU was adopted, which aims to ensure the compatibility, interoperability and continuity of ITS services throughout the EU. With the implementation of Directive 2010/40/EU, we are pursuing the objectives of EU transport policy and co-creating an integrated trans-European transport network with multimodal transport connections and integrated ITS services for users. In compliance with the Directive and pursuant to the Slovenian Roads Act (ZCes-1), the National Traffic Management Center (NTMC) has been established to control and manage traffic and inform the public about the condition of state roads and traffic on them. NTMC's main task is to collect and process the traffic data and make them available to users through the National Access Point (NAP) for traffic data and information (

Within, a NAP to Multimodal Traffic Information will also be established. The key framework will be built on the basis of the standards »CEN/TC 278 WG3« and the standardized conceptual model »CEN Transmodel«, which will be the basis for creating a national profile Transmodel in connection with Integated public passenger transport (IJPP).

In 2020, the developmant of the aforementioned services started at NTMC. In 2021 the following user operational services will be available:

IJPP Timetable Information: NeTEx (»Network Timetable Exchange«) - Exchange timetables and related IJPP liner data as a freely available online service for the provision and distribution of travel information to be provided to operational travel application providers. The implementation of SIRI (»Service interface for real-time information«) is also planned. This will provide information for route planning and the current status of individual journeys in public passenger transport.

Multimodal route planner: will operate on the basis of the implementation of the »Local Journey Planner« (LJP) system in accordance with CEN/TC 278 technical specification »Public transport – Open API for distributed journey planning«. It will cover the field of public transport IJPP (bus and rail passenger transport), and will also include alternatives for bicycle and walking, including P+R support (park and ride) and will be available to end users.

Further developments of the multimodal services will take place by improving the operational services in production (Transmodel, NeTEx, SIRI, OpenAPI, JP, IJPP) and by expanding support and connections with other regional hubs (LinkingDaunube, LinkingAlps) and regional route planners. Development will also take place through the coordination of operational and planned multimodal solutions (ITxPT) and the validation of implementations of information services based on standards (Data4PT). Gradually, more modern forms of mobility will be included (eg transport on demand), support for alternative forms of mobility and support for mobility for vulnerable groups (elderly, disabled).

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