The website was created as a part of the action »Traffic Management Integration in the National Traffic Management Centre« (action number: 2015-SI-TM-0303-W)

Some preliminary activities for the implementation of the new National Traffic Management Centre (NTMC) in Slovenia were carried out in 2015-2016 such as installation of NTMC infrastructure, premises and basic IT equipment.

The Action is the next step towards establishing a centre that seeks to improve the accessibility of the transport network, increase the mobility of road users and improve road safety, as well as reduce the negative environmental impacts of the national transport network.

The purpose of NTMC is to serve primarily as a data warehouse for all available traffic data and to provide all necessary services within the scope of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) as well as information necessary for traffic control and management.

In order to achieve the above NTMC goals, the following activities are carried out within the project:

  • Establishment of a data warehouse for traffic data;
  • Creation and operational functioning of macroscopic and dynamic simulation transport model;
  • Obtaining mass movement data of vehicles;
  • National access point for road and traffic data;
  • Engineering, technical support and knowledge transfer;
  • Project management.

The dynamic traffic data are obtained from vehicles and infrastructure equipped with ITS technology. This information is used in traffic management and real-time traffic information is provided via a standardized data exchange format - DATEX II.

The project contributes to the establishment of integrated centralized traffic management in a sustainable way and to the improvement of traffic information services. The level of monitoring and management of traffic and the provision of real-time information will be improved. Interoperability of services at European level will also be ensured. The project will also help to improve existing cross-border cooperation with international traffic management plans and the cross-border exchange of traffic information with neighbouring countries.