In accordance with Article 64(2) of the Public Procurement Act (PPA-3), we will hold a pre-procurement expert dialogue with potential and interested tenderers on 11 March at 11:30 at the NTMC headquarters on the Upgrade and maintenance of the dynamic traffic simulation model for NTMC.

To this end, we are publishing here the technical specifications of the subject procurement and invite potential tenderers to review and comment on the content of the technical specifications in advance and to send any ambiguities or questions to us by e-mail ( no later than 08.03.2024.

The subject procurement will upgrade and maintain the existing Dynamic Traffic Simulation Model in NTMC. The Dynamic Traffic Simulation Model provides real-time information on traffic flows and is a tool for traffic volume forecasting and traffic management. Based on the simulation of the actual traffic situation (number of vehicles, speed of traffic flow), the Dynamic Traffic Simulation Model proposes optimal travel routes in case of any constraints and warns the operator of the occurrence of congestion on the traffic network.

The dynamic simulation model is designed to simulate traffic conditions in real time based on the results of a macroscopic 4-stage traffic model and on actual traffic data (traffic counters, vehicle tracking devices, etc.), the actual state of the traffic network (restrictions, closures, accidents) and weather conditions (input as events):

  • for the present (current) situation,
  • for the future situation (up to one hour) according to the current traffic situation, and
  • for different traffic scenarios to support traffic management decisions in the event of foreseeable and emergency events.

Interested potential tenderers are invited to a preliminary expert dialogue for the subject procurement on Monday, 11.03.2024, at 11.30 a.m., at the premises of the National Traffic Management Centre (NTMC), Dragomelj 116, Domžale. Please make your attendance known in advance by e-mail ( no later than 08.03.2024.